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Executive Coaching & Advisory Services. Enabling individuals and teams deliver outstanding results.

From a successful senior executive with 30 + years Business experience.

Executive Coaching & Advisory Services

From a successful senior executive with 30 + years Business experience.

Enabling individuals and teams deliver outstanding results.


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What interests me as a coach

Finding the unique qualities of each person.

I passionately believe that everyone has unique skills that need the right encouragement to be unlocked.

My mission is to use my significant experience from a successful 30 + years in Business enhanced by my coaching experience and qualifications to help clients unlock their potential, accelerate their performance levels, and achieve their chosen career path. I am particularly passionate about developing talent to be ready for the next big challenge whether it’s a new senior role or dealing with changing environment.

I have been and remain driven to succeed in my chosen areas of interest professionally and in my personal life. What gets me out of bed each day is being able to make a difference.

My Approach

My coaching approach is strengthened by my personal experiences and achievements as a senior executive in global technology businesses. I focus on the unique skills of each client through the discerning use of models to allow self-discovery and focus on those things that matter the most for personal and career growth. My successful executive career allows me to apply a combination of Business context and empathy, appropriately applying insights to ensure the clients thinking is stretched.  Creating the space for the client to self-discover, raising their awareness and holding them to account for their progression and development journey.


Who I work with

 A real focus on emerging talent. Operational leaders in all functions, project management professionals, engineers and support function leaders. Experienced with clients in both specialist roles and general management. I have examples of transitioning engineers to management positions and helping women improve their confidence leading to increased performance and career prospects. My clients are from technology-based businesses in Rail, Aerospace, Defence, Services and Consulting in globally matrixed complex organisations.

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Some results from clients


Personal growth

Increases in confidence leading to improved performance and focus on their short and longer-term personal business goals. Helping clients develop interpersonal skills and handling conflict.


Improved personal and team performance

Building on the personal growth theme I have helped clients address their fears and be more effective in handling personal or team performance challenges and be more impactful through improved communication and presentation skills.


Change management

Preparing and supporting clients through change and becoming more effective managing the impact of change on others.

Career development

Several clients promoted following their coaching. By developing a strategic perspective with clients their potential is realised whether its successfully transitioning to new roles, career change, consolidation, or promotion.

Some qualifying coaching stats


Improved career progression through coaching


Increased revenues through coaching culture


Coachees report improved self-confidence 


Coaching clients improved their business management skills


Return on investment

As an Advisor

FOCUSing on  the things  that really matter.

Distinguished career at Board level and joint venture Board level with expertise in Rail, Aerospace, Defence and Services in globally matrixed complex organisations. Security clearerd.

Peer review of bids

Programme peer reviews

Strategic reviews

Enabling high performance in teams

My Approach to advisory

My focus is to help clients deliver their results. Using my established and rounded Business experience combined with my coaching skills I collaborate with clients to understand their specific needs. I am a curious listener, a probing reviewer and a confident communicator engaging at all levels with integrity and honesty. 

How I collaborate with my Clients


Discovery phase

I am driven to understand the stakes and what success looks like for the client. This phase will determine the scope / requirements and the extent of engagement with wider stakeholders, individuals, and teams. Critical success factors and timelines along with any specific methodology for delivering the scope would be agreed in principle at this stage.


Analysis phase

Through many years of experience, I have been able to address “elephants in the room” in a calm and measured fashion by asking the right questions. I have an ability to focus on the things that really matter. I remove unnecessary distractions by remaining focused on the bigger picture and this results in a calm but incisive focus on the issue in hand. The outcome of this phase is a situation status against the scope agreed along with any other relevant findings.


Evaluation phase

Working with key stakeholders reviewing and testing initial findings, exploring issues, options, and potential solutions. Experience has taught me that engaging in this manner creates the energy to explore opportunities for solutions to close and gaps in or accelerate performance against the defined priorities.


Action phase

Focusing on the things that really matter. Having established a direction and engaged on issues, opportunities, and potential solutions we need to commit to a plan of action that prioritises and has clear timescales. Involvement is key here. During my career as a leader, I have learned that diversity in both individuals and teams releases optimal business performance and increased engagement and satisfaction of the employees.

About Me

Shaun Jones

Distinguished career at Board level and joint venture Board level with expertise in Rail, Aerospace, Defence and Services in globally matrixed complex organisations. Security cleared.


  • Experienced operational and programme management background most recently in Rail delivering products and services enabling customers to operate infrastructures at higher capacities so passengers and goods can reach their destinations quicker and safer.
  • Business winning experience – Leading a successful bid team which secured the 4LM contract worth £760m with London Underground in July 2015, at the time the largest contract award in the UK.
  • Experience in leading and supporting transformational change programmes.
  • Expertise in commercial turnaround projects and has a strong ethos and awareness of continuous improvement requirements necessary to support sustained business performance and growth.
  • Working in Internationally matrixed Business for most of my career I am especially passionate about how we look after, and work closely and collaboratively with our customers, as well as how we develop and grow our people to be the best they can be.


What People Say

Shaun frequently allowed me to unpick a situation or challenge I was dealing with, metaphorically laying all the various pieces out and helping me put them back together in the right order. Shaun remained impartial and uninvolved through this where, upon reflection, I can see it would’ve been tempting to offer a direct solution. Finally, Shaun provided a wealth of patience throughout our coaching sessions – allowing me to think, often in silence, without pressure or expectation.

Senior SW Engineer

Shaun could have easily moved into being a mentor as I was talking about situations and people he knew and was much more experienced in. However, he never moved out of the coaching space and allowed me to find my own resolution to the issues I was raising.

HR Director

I started coaching with Shaun shortly after returning from maternity leave (having been away for 13 months). I had lost my confidence and was struggling to balance all my different priorities in and outside of work. Shaun helped me rebuild my confidence at work and to realise the importance of “headspace” to discover what I wanted my career focus to be at that time.

HR Director

Shaun was great at creating a safe space and an environment where I felt comfortable to have those challenging conversations that were required. He followed up on specific conversations from previous sessions with ease which made me feel that he was also engaged in the coaching process and my progress. 

Senior Project Manager

Shaun is a real role model and I really appreciate our Coaching relationship. He was always calm, professional and unjudgmental. He rarely jumps into giving direct suggestions, instead he listens and asks open questions. I would often find my own answers during our conversations. He is very good at knowing what questions to ask and providing me with real and relatable examples or tools to inspire my thinking and help me to find what I needed and come away feeling inspired and reassured. I feel safe to share my thoughts and feelings with Shaun. I have really developed myself thanks to the coaching, it’s been fun and relaxing experience for me.

Engineering Director

Shaun’s chairmanship of a Peer Review of our largest UK Defence programme ensured a very constructive and fiercely independent outcome. His understanding of the sector, operational environment and business challenges allowed him to maintain focus on adding real value throughout. We will certainly make use of his services in future reviews and follow ups.

VP, Bids and Programme Management Office

I immediately felt at ease with Shaun and that I could trust him, which made me open up quickly. 

Shaun’s listening skills were excellent and non-judgemental.  He somehow managed to listen to all of my sometimes chaotic situations and playback to me in a very succinct manner so that I could make sense of myself and the situations!

Sales & Operations Lead

Shaun questioned some of my thoughts and thinking which helped me come to my own practical conclusions.  It also helped me to better understand my own self-control, what I can and can’t control and how to better deal with those situations.

Transformational Change Leader

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